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Year 6


Election results


Oak: Lily and Taylor

Ash: Skye and Jack M

Beech: Phoebe and Riley

Sycamore: Eva and Jozef 



Eva and Taylor



Phoebe and Sarim 


Well done to everyone who participated in the elections for the different roles, there were some very impressive speeches! 



PGL 2017 


Year 6 had a fantastic time at PGL which was full of exciting and challenging activities. The adults would like to take this opportunity to commend the children on their behaviour and attitude during the trip as they worked together throughout the week and developed a strong bond. There will be an assembly shortly to share the childrens’ experiences with parents and the school.

Autumn curriculum newsletter


Election results

SCHOOL COUNCIL : Faith and Ashton

ECO COUNCIL: Lacey and Mikey



Ash: Harry & Faye

Beech: Jamie & Stephen

Oak: Lizzy & Keira

Sycamore: Isobel & Ano

A Visit for the Legal Eagles - Local Magistrates (19.06.17)

Smoking and Alcohol Workshop (12.06.17)

On Monday 12th June, Year 6 took part in a workshop led by Kate Stuart. They learnt all about the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol. The morning included: trying to knock down skittles whilst wearing 'Drunk Buster' goggles; role play for how to say no; discovering what is in cigarettes; quizzes and more. Some important messages were delivered and discussed and the children had the opportunity to ask lots of questions.

SATs Letter - 05.05.17

Summer Term Information Letter

On Wednesday 29th March Year 6 participated in this year’s K’nex Challenge organised by SETPOINT Hertfordshire. Their task was to make a moving bridge using K’nex.


The children worked with enthusiasm throughout the morning and their designs showed much creativity.

Congratulations to Matthew L and Isobel who won the Year 6 challenge. The winning design was chosen on the pair’s ability to work together, solve problems, produce a working model and communicate ideas to each other and the judge. Their design was fantastic and was a true reflection of their hard work and determination. A photo of the winning pair’s construction will be entered with other schools into a final round to be judged later in the year.

Take a look at the photos of their finished designs

Spelling Lists - Week 14 (to be tested 01.03.17)

Reading Challenge Book List

Spelling Lists - Week 13 (to be tested 22.02.17)

We visited the Natural History Museum as part of our work on evolution. During our visit we explored the fossils gallery (where we enjoyed seeing lots of fossils discovered by Mary Anning); discovered the story of the Earth and how life on it has evolved over millions of years; took part in an evolution workshop and visited the Human Evolution gallery. As usual, it was a pleasure to take the children out for the day, they were a credit to themselves and the school.


On return to school, the children wrote a report about the trip. Here is what Archie and Lacey had to say:



To support our learning, Year 6 went to the Natural History Museum to learn more about evolution and inheritance. We were so excited because everyone said it was truly amazing.


The first room we visited was the mammals gallery with the blue whale! It was massive! I wondered how something so colossal could fit in the ocean. It was as large as the school times five!


Next, we went straight to the fossil gallery to look at Mary Anning's work. They were amazing! My favourite was the ichthyosaur which was around 300 million years old. 300 million! Its skull was massive and the eyes were about the size of my head! WOW! Then Aiden and I went around trying to find Mary's other discoveries.


Climbing frantically towards the centre of the Earth, which was like a red-hot sphere, it portrayed itself as terrifying. I was surrounded by people murmuring and whispering about how they felt.


After that, we met someone called Simon. He split us into five groups and we were given a yellow sheet with questions we had to answer.


We had lots of fun there.



Leaving at 8:30am, Year 6 could barely contain our excitement as we piled on the coach. It was a cold, crisp Thursday morning - January 26th. As we were learning about fossils, we figured a trip to the Natural History Museum would allow us to collect more knowledge about these ancient things...


When we arrived there, we all clambered along to the fossils gallery. This amazing section had fossils from over 4 million years ago. The ichthyosaur impressed me most as it had fossils inside it - ammonite fossils! It was wonderful how they had put Mary and Joseph Annings' finds together.


Once we had finished exploring all the ancient finds, we found an escalator leading to the centre of the Earth. Travelling up the escalator was a bit nerve-wracking but, as we got higher, all those nerves just washed away as I took in all my surroundings...


Turning the corner, we were all gob-smacked as we learnt facts about the Earth and space. We spiralled round and round until we were at the end. We were greeted by Simon who then ran a workshop for us, asking us to find animals, their habitats and plants. To finish it all off, we played a game.


After a trip to the shop and lunch, we all clambered back onto the coach and thought about our amazing day!


It was wonderful to have such a good turnout at our Assessment Information meetings yesterday. Please take a look at the presentation and sample questions that we shared as well as all the spelling lists that the children have worked on so far this year (thank you to the parent who suggested this).

Natural History Museum Letter

Spring Term Curriculum Letter

Oliver and Ryan visit Year 6

Oliver and Ryan visit Year 6 1
Oliver and Ryan visit Year 6 2
Oliver and Ryan visit Year 6 3
On Thursday 24th November we were delighted to welcome Oliver and Ryan back from Monk's Walk School. They gave an excellent presentation about what it is like moving up to secondary school. It is wonderful to know that they have settled in so quickly and happily. They spoke confidently to Year 6 and also answered lots of questions. Well done to both boys and thank you!

French is Fun!

In French we have been creating our own passports in year 6 – and as part of this work we have been learning how to say what we like doing.
Here’s the song we listened to in class – we all agreed the French is very fast but we still managed to pick out lots of great phrases. We also had fun making une cocotte en papier (fortune teller) to help us practise saying the phrases we learnt. Some of the children took their cocotte en papier home with them to try out on family members!

Smarties Maths Day - 18.11.16

PE Kit Letter - 12.10.16

London in the Blitz - Newspaper reports

What a fabulous day! We visited Duxford to find out more about The Battle of Britain and had the place almost to ourselves. Year 6 were a real credit to themselves as they explored the many exhibits. The Battle of Britain hangar, the Land Warfare exhibition and the American Air museum were particular favourites. We also enjoyed a sunny, but very windy, picnic lunch!

Chamber Music Concert - Thursday 22nd September 2016

On Thursday 22nd September Years 5 & 6 visited Hatfield House to enjoy a concert as part of the Chamber Music Festival. It took place in the beautiful surroundings of the Old Stables. We learnt so much about the works of Bach as well as the different stringed instruments. As usual, our children were fantastic ambassadors for Harwood Hill as they fully involved themselves in the concert by joining in with actions and vocals as well as asking and answering questions.

A Week of Inspirational Maths - 12th - 16th September

In Year 6 this week we have tackled a week of inspirational maths. This week of activities has challenged our brains and how we think about maths. We have learnt that mistakes help our brains to grow and that thinking deeply is more important than thinking quickly. We have learnt from each other by talking and developed our reasoning skills.

Our Class Charter

In PSHE this week we worked together to agree our rights and responsibilities in Year 6. We have created our class charter which is displayed in our classroom.

Autumn Term Class Information Letter

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