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Year 1    Annabelle and Jamie

Year 2    Isla and Evan

Year 3    Zachary and Aka

Year 4    Eloise and Isla

Year 5    Dot and Amelia

Year 6    Abby and Emma


Each year the children are given the opportunity to apply to become a member of the Eco-Council. They have to say why they think they will do a good job and what they want to do for the school during their year. Once members are elected, the Eco-Council meets with Mr Urquhart to discuss ways to improve the school environment. The Eco-Council also looks at wider global environmental issues. The children participate in monitoring, action-planning and decision making about recycling, energy efficiency, litter, waste and wildlife. The children gain an increased sense of responsibility for the environment and local area. Members of the Eco-Council wear a green Eco-Council badge so they can be identified easily.


The children carry out day to day activities such as:

making sure doors and windows are closed

turning taps off

ensuring paper goes in the recycling bin

making sure lights are switched off when classrooms are empty

keeping the school grounds free from litter



By the Eco-Council of Harwood Hill JMI School


Because we care about the environment we will:


Put litter in the bins, it is better for the environment.


Walk to/ cycle/ scooter to school when possible instead of using the car.


Save water, turn off the taps.


Reduce our energy use by turning off lights and projectors when not being used and closing windows when the heating is on.


Drink water, eat healthy food and compost what is left over.


Use both sides of paper and recycle as much as possible. 





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